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Poland to donate Covid-19 vaccines to Uzbekistan and Kenya

Zofia Bichniewicz/PAP

Poland will donate over 460,000 Covid-19 vaccines to Uzbekistan and Kenya, a deputy foreign minister announced on Friday.

During a press briefing at Warsaw’s Chopin Airport, Marcin Przydacz pointed out that the Covid-19 pandemic was a global challenge that could only be fought “through solidarity, a coordinated exchange of information and mutual support.”

He noted that since Poland had vaccinated a large percentage of its population, it wanted to share its vaccines with its partners, first of all with Uzbekistan.

He added that Uzbekistan was “our important partner in Central Asia” and the most populous country in the region.

Furthermore, he said that it was also “an important country in terms of security policy – one with which we have friendly political, economic and historical relations.”

The deputy foreign minister added that vaccines would also be given to “our African partners in Kenya.”

He indicated that this country was also an important partner of Poland, one with “great potential, where we are involved in terms of economics, development and politics.”

Michal Kuczmierowski, the head of the Government Strategic Reserves Agency, announced that Poland would send 250,000 vaccines to Uzbekistan, while 211,000 doses would go to Kenya.

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