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Prayer to Cardinal Wyszyński, Countess Czacka got them healed

Recognising that at least one post-mortem miracle resulting from the intercession of a prospective blessed person is required from them to consider the beatification process, PolandIN presents the accounts of two people, each miraculously healed by Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński and Countess Róża Czacka respectively.

After constant prayer to Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, in 1989, Sister Nulla of the Sisters Disciples of the Cross Community was miraculously healed of thyroid cancer with metastases to the lymph nodes and throat.

“Breathing, eating, and laying down were very difficult. When the doctors said I was healthy, we knew it was a miracle. Everything happened in stages, but we knew it was a miracle,” recounted the nun.

Karolina Gawrych’s life was also touched by a miracle, albeit thanks to the intercession of another prospective blessed person.

“I suffered a horrific accident when I was 7 years old, when a large beam fell on my skull, crushing it. Doctors told me I had little chance of surviving,” recalled Karolina Gawrych.

Her family then began to pray for healing to Countess Róża Czacka.

“I began to heal, much to the astonishment of the doctors,” said Ms Gawrych, adding: “I had never met Róża Czacka before the disaster. I began to read her biography and learn about her life just after it happened.”

The beatification of these two people is not coincidental. They shared a special bond throughout their lives and, as Fr. Przemysław Śliwiński, the Spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Warsaw recalls, “Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński and Countess Róża Czacka learnt from one another, motivated each other, and worked together for a long time.”

The inspiring life of Cardinal Waszyński has brought forth many references in Polish culture, including Tadeusz Syka’s unique film entitled “Wyszyński. Vengeance or Forgiveness” produced to tell the story of the German occupation — a crucial era in their lives.

“It is a feature film about the destiny of a young priest and lieutenant, Stefan Wyszyński, who served as a chaplain of the Home Army [AK] in the Kampinos Forest during World War II, as well as a chaplain of a secret insurgent hospital with the blind Countess Róża Czacka,” Tadeusz Syka said.

The film, which is set to debut on September 12th, was created as part of the beatification ceremony’s official production. Five days later, it will be released in cinemas.

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