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29 percent of Poles oppose gov’t decision to block border crossings for illegal migrants

A plurality of Poles support the government’s decision not to let a group of mainly Middle Eastern migrants from a makeshift camp at the Polish-Belarusian border illegally cross into Poland. A Pollster survey shows that 45 percent of Poles support the government’s action, 29 percent oppose it while 26 percent state that they have no opinion on the matter.

The stand-off at the border near Usnarz Górny has entered its third week, with many of the migrants refusing to back away from the border. Polish border guards have received reinforcements sent by the Polish Army, which has also started building a border fence that will make it more difficult for migrants to enter Poland illegally. According to the Polish authorities, the number of migrants at the makeshift camp in Belarus hovers around 30, with some of the migrants being rotated in and out of the camp by the Belarusian security services.

Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have been accusing Belarus of orchestrating transports of migrants into their territories in the form of hybrid warfare often called “weaponised migration”. Similar examples of political extortion have earlier been used by Turkey against Greece and Morocco against Algeria.

Pollster also surveyed how the situation at the border has affected the level of support for political parties.

According to the poll, the ruling Law and Justice Party is now supported by 37 percent of respondents (up by 3 percentage points (pps) on the previous survey, with the main opposition bloc, Civic Coalition, in second place on 24-percent support (2 pps down).

In third place, also down 2 pps, was the Polska 2050 movement, which could count on the votes of 16 percent of voters

The Confederation Party received the backing of 10 percent of respondents (up 2 pps) while 7 percent said they would vote for The Left Party, which saw its support drop by 1 pps since the previous survey.

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