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Majority of Poles support women as managers: survey

67 percent of Poles support the employment of women in managerial positions, and more than 82 percent of respondents who have a female boss have a positive opinion on her team management effectiveness, according to the LiveCareer Polska survey published on Tuesday.

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Despite the ongoing stereotypes, Poles are open to female leadership, according to a study by the LiveCareer Polska career website, which conducted a survey on the opinion of our society about female leaders. It shows that 67 percent of Poles support the employment of women in managerial positions, and 78 percent believe gender should not be a factor in filling management positions in companies. Over 82 percent of respondents whose supervisor is a woman assesses her team management effectiveness well.

People who currently have a female boss rate their relationship with their supervisor slightly better than the respondents in general. Over 78 percent of women and as much as 92 percent of men in this group consider them positive, while among all respondents it is consecutively 70 percent and 74 percent.

“I am pleased with such results. Because if we use the talents of only half of the population, we cut our wings,” said Żaneta Spadło, the LiveCareer Polska career expert and the author of the research. “We cannot afford to ignore ambitious and talented people just because of their gender. This aspect should not matter,” she noted.

The study shows that three out of four Poles believe that a given person’s gender should not be decisive for taking the highest positions in companies. Almost 37 percent believe that men are better bosses in some industries and women in others.

It was emphasised that as much as 42 percent of respondents admitted that women constitute a minority of management staff in their companies and almost 46 percent indicated that the number of female managers should be greater.

The study also showed that about 23 percent of respondents admitted that if they were running a company and looking for a partner, they would trust a woman more, and only 17 percent indicated men. 51 percent of respondents indicated that managerial positions are one of the most suitable for women. Every fourth Polish respondent would prefer to have a female boss and only one in five – a male one. 39 percent of respondents believe that men in managerial positions have a greater chance of success than women.

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