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Team of explorers uncovers secret of Nazi tunnels

History experts say that what has been going on for the past month in Lubań, south-western Poland, should be considered unique. The team of the Association of Upper Lusatia Lovers, investigating the secret tunnels built by Nazis, is probably conducting the largest project in the history of Polish exploration.

No one has entered the tunnels for 75 years. The team applied for the necessary permits, gathered needed funds and finally decided to break through to the underground. As the explorers expected, the Germans not only blew up the entrance but also mined the access to the network of tunnels.

The sappers from Bolesławiec, south-western Poland, are already on site, analysing the German maps detailing the underground tunnel.

“When we go in there to check things out, we will be prepared and we will act as if there really is something there,” First Sergeant Radosław Mazur, Commander of the 23rd Sapper Patrol in Bolesławiec said.

And by something, the sappers mean German explosives. It took the cautious miners 3 weeks to dig out just the entrance. For safety reasons, the work can only be done by hand.

The construction of the underground complex began in 1943. Much of the work was done by prisoners of war and forced labourers. The entrance was blown up by the Germans in 1945, but the interior was left intact.

The German efforts to prevent entry into the tunnel network after the war have created a lot of speculation about what could be in there.

“We think it served as a military facility with a hospital,” Andrzej Daczkowski, Editor-in-Chief of “The Explorer” monthly, pointed out.

Regardless of what it hides inside,once the miners manage to explore it all, Luban can count on appearing in headlines across the world.

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