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EU calls for an immediate end to violence in Afghanistan

In a statement released after Tuesday’s videoconference of EU foreign ministers on the situation in Afghanistan, the EU called for an immediate cessation of all violence and expressed concern over reports of serious human rights violations.

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“Regarding the situation in Afghanistan, the European Union must act in two ways. Apart from coordinating the most urgent humanitarian actions, it is necessary to reflect on the future of EU relations with Afghanistan,” Deputy FM Marcin Przydacz said during the video conference.

The Deputy Minister also informed about the decision of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on issuing 45 humanitarian visas for Afghans employed in EU facilities and their families, which is an element of a wider effort to bring Polish and Afghan citizens who supported building a democratic state and are in danger today.

The Union stressed that a political agreement and a lasting solution to the conflict should not be imposed by force, but through constructive negotiations on all parties of the conflict.

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“The EU recalls the importance of preserving and harnessing the political, economic and social achievements of the Afghan people since 2001, such as the rights of women, children and minorities, including access to education and health. Afghanistan, as a signatory to the UN Charter, must uphold and promote its values, rights and principles and respect its international obligations,” the EU stressed.

At the same time, the Union made reservations that cooperation with any future Afghan government would be conditioned through the respect for these rights.

The EU also urged the Taliban to respect international humanitarian law, promising that it will support Afghanistan’s neighbours in coping with the expected growing influx of refugees and migrants.

“The Union underlines the importance of the safety and security of all EU citizens in Afghanistan, as well as local personnel working for the EU or the Member States,” the EU wrote, reassuring that constant personnel evacuations are taking place.

The Taliban entered Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, on Sunday having taken advantage of the withdrawal of international armed forces led by the US to take control of the whole country. Meanwhile, the US-supported government has fallen, and the country’s president, Ashraf Ghani, has fled abroad.

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