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Poland’s MFA says Israeli diplomatic moves unfounded and harmful

Poland’s Foreign Ministry has said it “negatively assessed” the actions of the Israeli Foreign Ministry which said a new Israeli ambassador would not be sent to Warsaw and suggested Poland’s Ambassador to Israel does not return to his posting.

Polish President Andrzej Duda signed into law on Saturday a set of amendments to administrative laws. The key change says that after 30 years of an administrative decision, applying among others to properties,it will be impossible to contest it.

Israel’s Foreign Affairs Minister Yair Lapid, in a protest over a property restitution bill that he has called “anti-Semitic and immoral,” has recalled the country’s charge d’affairs “for indefinite consultations.”

He said that he would instruct the Polish ambassador to Tel Aviv, Marek Magierowski, to not to return to his post and continue his vacation in Poland so he can explain to Poles that Israel “will not tolerate contempt for the memory of the victims and the memory of the Holocaust.”

Lapid also said that the new Ambassador, who was to arrive in Warsaw within days “will remain in Israel for the time being.”

“We negatively assess the conduct of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the unfounded decision to lower the rank of the diplomatic representation in Warsaw,” the Polish Foreign Ministry wrote in a statement on Saturday night.

The Ministry called the moves on a diplomatic level “unfounded” and “harmful to our relations” and added that the Polish government would be taking appropriate “political and diplomatic actions with a view to symmetry in bilateral relations.”

Meanwhile, Poland’s deputy foreign minister, Szymon Szynkowski vel Sek, wrote on Twitter that “diplomacy is the art of dialogue based on facts.”

“We will react stoically to emotional, unjustified gestures. We will react to lies by standing truthfully and not allowing the memory of Holocaust victims to be manipulated,” he wrote in his post.

President Duda said the new law would aim to protect current property owners from unexpected disownment due to restitution claims.

“This will put an end to the insecurity felt when a flat or property bought in good faith could be taken away on the strength of a simple administrative decision,” he added.

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