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Vaccinated people largely immune to Covid infections, ministry says

Grzegorz Michałowski/PAP

Only 0.66 percent of fully-vaccinated Poles have been infected with the coronavirus, the Ministry of Health reported on Friday.

Poland has seen 1,394,430 new infections since the country started distributing the second dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

The number of infections among fully-vaccinated people who took the second dose at least 14 days before is 9,211, or just 0.66 percent of the total figure, the ministry said.

The death rate of fully-vaccinated people reached 1.64 percent of all Covid-19 deaths in the same period, the ministry also said, adding that the deaths were unrelated to vaccination.

Poland has distributed nearly 35 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine since the start of the inoculation programme last December, Friday’s government data show.

Close to 18 million people in the 38 million nation have been fully vaccinated.

On Friday morning, the Health Ministry confirmed 172 new infections and six deaths over the past 24 hours.

The total number of infections in Poland since the first one was detected on March 4, 2020, is getting close to 2.9 million. Nearly 75,300 patients have died of the disease. 

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