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NATO soldiers visit the Warsaw Rising Museum

On the eve of the 77th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Rising, NATO soldiers stationed in Poland visited the Warsaw Rising Museum. It is an annual initiative of the Polish National Foundation, which aims to introduce Polish history to foreign visitors.

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American, British, Croatian and Romanian representatives of the battalion group from Bemowo Piskie, northern Poland, started the day with a visit to the Kiełpin cemetery near Warsaw, where a monument of American airmen who died while trying to bring aid to the insurgents is located.

Today we are launching the next edition of the Forerunner project, addressed to the soldiers of @NATO troops stationed in Poland. Over the next 3 days, the soldiers of the battalion group @BG_Poland_eFP will learn about the history of Poland. with the Warsaw Uprising.

— Fundacja_PFN (@Fundacja_PFN) July 31, 2021

As Cezary Andrzej Jurkiewicz from PFN said, it is a history lesson for soldiers. “We really want them to feel the Polish soul, to understand us better, so that they can see for themselves what the secret of this invincible city is,” he said.

In the museum, the guests saw, among others, an exposition and a memorial wall with the names of the insurgents who died.

NATO soldiers and representatives of the Polish National Foundation laid flowers at the Kiełpino Cemetery under the Monument of the American Army and they have also visited the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

— Fundacja_PFN (@Fundacja_PFN) July 31, 2021

Lieutenant Stefan Burzol from Romania had heard about the Warsaw Rising before. “I think all NATO soldiers have heard about this operation. I think you must be very proud of your heroes, of your soldiers. I believe they deserved their names on this wall. I am impressed, we have something similar in Romania, but for others and our internal struggle,” he said.

The visit of NATO soldiers will end on Monday in Ossów at the cross of Father Jerzy Skorupka. In this way, the Polish National Foundation also wants to familiarise foreign visitors with the history of the 1920 Battle of Warsaw.

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