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Chinese man accused of espionage re-detained

As the Polish public broadcaster’s news website reported, the Internal Security Agency (ABW) on Thursday re-detained a Chinese citizen – Weijing W., accused of spying for the Chinese special services. The Polish services took action on the basis of the decision of the District Court in Warsaw, which decided to re-arrest the man.

Pole and Chinese detained for espionage

The Polish Internal Security Agency (ABW) detained on Tuesday a Pole Piotr D. and a Chinese businessman Weijing W. (names withheld under the Polish…

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The investigation concerning Weijing W. and the second suspect in the case – Piotr D. (names withheld under the Polish privacy law) was initiated on the basis of evidence collected by the ABW.

Both men were detained for the first time on January 8, 2019. At that time, they heard allegations of espionage for the Chinese services.

Mr W. was one of the directors of the Polish department of Chinese Huawei telecommunication company. Mr. D. is the former high-ranked officer of ABW. Both were to allegedly conduct espionage activities to the detriment of Poland’s interests.

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