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Celebrations of 77th anniversary of Warsaw Rising begin

The cornerstone for the construction of the Memorial Chamber was laid at the Warsaw Insurgents Park in the district of Wola near the Warsaw Insurgents Cemetery. Thus inaugurating the 77th anniversary of the Warsaw Rising celebrations.

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An exhibition about life in the occupied capital, the Warsaw Rising and about Nazi German crimes against civilians will be set in the Memorial Room. It will also be a place for meetings, film screenings, and cultural events. A Wall of Remembrance will be built next to the Memorial Room with names of victims of WWII written on each of its eight modules.

The ceremony was attended by the Warsaw insurgents and their families, parliamentarians and Warsaw officials. Wanda Traczyk-Stawska, the initiator and originator of the construction of the Memorial Chamber and Warsaw Rising insurgent, publicly recalled the tragic events from almost 80 years ago. She appealed not to waste the treasure that is the cemetery in Warsaw’s Wola district, and those who rest there should be a testimony of how terrible the war is. She added that Warsaw is to be “a city of peace.”

A time capsule was embedded in a fragment of the foundation bench of the Chamber of Remembrance to keep past and present events for future generations. The time capsule includes, the insurgent armband of Wanda Traczyk-Stawska, the armband of insurgent paramedic Halina Kieroń, nom de guerre “Irka”, digitalised photos documenting the area before construction, photos of the front pages of today’s Polish national newspapers and current coins.

The main observances of the 77th anniversary of the Warsaw Rising will take place on August 1. The insurrection began on that day in 1944, at 5 pm local time, which was codenamed “‘W’ hour.” It lasted for 63 days.

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