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Work abroad no longer as lucrative for Poles: report

Polish employment agencies sent 15 percent less employees abroad. Employees may be stopped in the country by a rebound in the labour market. According to Polish “Rzeczpospolita” daily, employment agencies are looking for candidates to work in domestic companies. Companies that would find work for Poles abroad see bigger competitions in job offers in the labour market, where the seasonal rebound caused a flood of job offers in recent months.

“The market has become more difficult, finding candidates for a job abroad is more expensive than before. Now employees are aware of their choices, they take longer to choose an offer and check the agencies more carefully,” said Mikołaj Śliwiński, manager responsible for international recruitment at the Otto Work Force employment agency, one of the largest players on the Polish market.

On the other hand, Ewa Klimczuk, Gi Group business director, admits that people with an established professional situation and with a satisfactory salary are now less willing to leave. “We can see this trend, for example, in our recruitment to the Czech Republic,” she pointed out. According to Ms Klimczuk, the number of people who are now ready to go abroad to work in nurseries or hospitals has also decreased.

Germany is one of the countries where the decrease in the number of workers from Poland will be felt. Polish women were the pillar of care services for seniors (admittedly, the vacancies in this industry are beginning to be filled by immigrants from Ukraine) in Germany. After the UK decided to leave the EU, Germany returned to the top of the list of most popular destinations for Poles seeking economic migration. However, numbers significantly reduced last year by the COVID-19 pandemic and sanitary restrictions, including quarantines.

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