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US and Germany reach agreement on Nord Stream 2: report

“The US and Germany have reached a preliminary agreement on the dispute over the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline,” the Associated Press (AP) agency reported on Tuesday. The information was confirmed by a source of the Polish Press Agency (PAP) in the American Congress.

US official to visit Poland and Ukraine to discuss Nord Stream 2

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According to the AP agency, as part of an agreement resulting from many weeks of negotiations, the US would allow the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to be completed, and in return Germany would make some concessions to Ukraine and Poland. According to a PAP source in Congress, congressmen and their assistants received a briefing on the general terms of the preliminary agreement.

Meanwhile, according to the “Politico” website, which cites four sources, Washington’s representatives are “quietly urging their Ukrainian counterparts to refrain from criticising the upcoming agreement” with Germany.”

The website added that the Joe Biden administration allegedly warned Kiev that criticism could harm the country’s relations with the US. Diplomats also reportedly asked Ukraine not to announce plans for an agreement to the Congress, where representatives of both parties are highly critical of the pipeline.

On Tuesday, Derek Chollet, undersecretary of state and advisor to the head of US diplomacy, went to Kiev. He will come to Poland on Wednesday. Reportedly he is to inform representatives of both countries about the agreement with Germany.

The Joe Biden administration has already signaled that it will abandon further sanctions against the project and attempts to stop it, focusing on concluding an agreement with Germany, limiting the pipeline’s negative impact on Ukraine and other countries in the region.

“Poland’s position on this project is known and no one expects Poland to be happy about it. However, in the current situation in the place of Warsaw, I would accept this agreement as a kind of lesser evil,” a source from American diplomacy told PAP.

“If what ‘Politico’ writes is true, it is a scandal and will not remain unanswered in Congress. The agreement does not mean that we will give up continuing the sanctions issue,” a PAP source in the US parliament pointed out.

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