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Baltic coast most popular destination for Polish tourists

Marcin Gadomski/PAP

Over 40 percent of Poles say they will holiday in Poland this year, with the seaside being the most popular destination among those planning a break, according to a survey released by the Prezentmarzen portal on Tuesday.

“The most frequently chosen destination this year, just like last year, will be domestic holidays (43 percent), but every third Pole also intends to go abroad (30 percent). A smaller number will only go on holiday abroad (16 percent) and 11 percent of respondents do not intend to go anywhere,” the Tuesday released survey shows.

The survey also shows that this year’s most popular domestic destinations are the Polish Baltic coast (38 percent), the mountains (20 percent), the Mazurian lakes (17 percent). Fourteen percent declared they would be going on road trips.

Respondents were also asked what length of time would they spend vacationing. The most popular answer was in the 8-14 days category (38 percent), 26 percent answered one week and 19 percent said they plan to spend longer than 14 days on holiday.

The survey showed that holidays are financed mainly from current income (37% of respondents) or savings (47%). 41 percent replied that they spend up to PLN 1,500 (EUR 327) per person on their holiday.

“Holiday habits of Poles – summer 2021” was carried out by the Prezentmarzen website on a sample of 976 respondents in the form of an online survey in June 2021. 

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