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PM Morawiecki rejects resignation of his office’s head

Michał Dworczyk, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office said that he had offered his resignation to the head of the government on the day that cyber-attacks on his email and social media accounts were revealed, but it was not accepted.

He told a press conference that, shortly after the spate of cyber-attacks on Polish government officials and himself, he had expressed his willingness to resign from his post.

However, “Prime Minister Morawiecki declared that he had not lost confidence in me and he also indicated that such actions would fit in with the attackers’ plan and achieve their goals,” he added.

The cyber-attacks on Poland were revealed in early June. At that time, Mr Dworczyk said that the appropriate state services had been informed in connection with reports of break-ins on his and his wife’s email and social media accounts.

According to the report from June, over 4,350 e-mail accounts owned by Polish citizens, including over 100 belonging to the active and former politicians, have been hacked by a group believed to have links with the Russian secret services.

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