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Knock-knock here comes a stork: unusual guest at municipal office

On Saturday, a stork tried to enter the municipal office in Spytkowice, southern Poland. Unfortunately the office was closed, so the bird began to tap the window loudly with its beak. The situation was registered by the Mayor Mariusz Krystian, later on he published the film on his Facebook profile.

The stork did not manage to enter and as it departed, the bird destroyed the flowers decorating the entrance to the building. It was also apparently not completely satisfied, which he manifested in a clattering sound.

“I explained to the stork that today is Saturday, the office is closed, but he did not react. Open up here! He probably thinks that the ‘Pytkowice pro familia’ award is his merit. Moreover, it can be seen that he is drawn to ‘Piekiełko’ [a place where retirees and pensioners gather]. Sure the ladies and gentlemen from the Pensioners’ Union and the Rural Housewives’ Association might have something tasty hidden there. Oh, dear stork, but what did these flowers do to you,” Mr Krystian commented with humour on the event.

This year, Spytkowice was among the three finalists in the category of the Self-Government Pro Familia 2021 municipalities competition which was announced by the Family and Social Policy Minister.

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