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Germans discriminate against the Sinti and Roma communities: Report

“The Independent Commission on Anti-Gypsyism (UKA) established in 2019 by the German government confirmed in its 800-page report that there is an ongoing discrimination against the Sinti and Roma communities in Germany,” the Deutsche Welle website reported on Friday.

According to the authors of the report, discrimination against the Sinti and Roma community is widespread. It was also found that the genocide carried out in the Third Reich and the so-called second wave of persecution after 1945 in Germany still affects the living conditions of these two related ethnic minorities.

“Anti-Gypsyism is different from other forms of racist discrimination and must be fought appropriately,” the report presented on June 24 in the Bundestag stressed, adding that there is a need for a “catch up justice” policy to compensate for the harm done to representatives of these communities and their descendants.

The UKA recommends the appointment of a government commissioner to fight antigypsyism, the creation of a standing committee, as well as full recognition of the Nazi genocide of the Sinti and Roma. In addition, the report says it is imperative to set up a commission to deal with injustices done to Sinti and Roma in post-war Germany.

The UAK report also explores the role of the media in the ongoing dicrimination. According to the co-author of the study, Isidora Randjelovic, the media often contribute to strengthening stereotypes and prejudices about Sinti and Roma.

The results of the report are based on three large-scale and several small-scale studies to analyze the needs, challenges and demands of the Sinti and Roma communities and their own organisations in Germany.

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