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We are all in solidarity with people of Hong Kong today: ruling party MEP

“Today, we must all be with the people of Hong Kong,” appealed Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party MEP Joachim Brudziński during a debate in the European Parliament (EP) concerning the cases of violations of human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Hongkong.

In June, after 26 years of activity, the largest pro-democrat newspaper in Hongkong “Apple Daily” was shut down by the Chinese authorities.

MEP Brudziński said that the closure of “Apple Daily” which “defended freedom in Hong Kong” exposing itself not only to the central government of China, but also to the regional authorities and large corporations and politically oriented businessmen in Beijing, is “a symbolic end to the formula from the 1980s proclaimed by the Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping – one country, two systems.”

“Today, unfortunately, it is sad to say that we can speak of one country, one system,” he stated.

In the opinion of the Polish politician, the detention of the over 70-year-old founder of Apple Daily, Jimmy Lai, and him being charged with conspiracy via external forces, for which he may even face a life sentence, clearly shows that the authorities in Beijing will not retreat from repressions, to choke any criticism of independent media.

Another Law and Justice MEP Anna Fotyga, who is the co-author of the resolution on the matter of violating human rights in Hong Kong thanked the factions in the EP for demonstrating solidarity with the people of Hong Kong who are protesting against Beijing’s imposition of laws aimed at restricting democracy and freedom, which they could enjoy for a long time.

“I called on the EU diplomacy, leaders and politicians of European countries to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022,” said Ms Fotyga, who initiated a cross-party open letter on the matter.

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