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Nearly 7 million EU Digital COVID-19 Travel Certificates downloaded

Millions of Poles have downloaded EU COVID-19 certificates that should give them the freedom to travel to foreign countries this summer, according to the Health Minister.

The certificate, or passport, will exempt its holder from restrictions such as quarantine, Minister Adam Niezielski said on Friday.

“The latest data (…) show nearly 7 million downloads. A few days ago, it was less than 6 million,” the minister added.

He emphasised that interest in the EU certificates was growing very rapidly because of the “convenience it provides”. ”Presenting this document will allow a person to cross the border, and this is the main benefit,” the Health Minister stressed.

In addition “there is no risk of quarantine, nor is there any obligation to undergo (COVID-19) tests, which are not free of charge in some countries,” Adam Niedzielski said.

The EU COVID-19 Certificate can be obtained by people who have been fully vaccinated, with a two-dose or single-dose vaccine, people who have received a negative SARS-CoV-2 virus detection test and people who recovered from COVID-19.

The EU COVID-19 Certificate application can be found on the Online Patient Account (IKP), the “mojeIKP” application, through the “mObywatel” application, or can be issued on a paper printout at a medical facility performing vaccination or ordering the test.

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