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Polish Deal enables entering a new level of development: PM for Hungarian media

The assumptions of the New Polish Deal were presented by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in an article published on Friday in the Hungarian daily “Magyar Hirlap.” He emphasised that the programme is to enable entering a new level of development.

New Polish Deal programme is based on our tradition: PM

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The Prime Minister emphasised that Poland would use the post-pandemic period to transform the economic and social system in such a way that it would become fairer and more resistant to subsequent crises, and would also enable it to enter a new level of development.

According to Mr Morawiecki, history teaches that “the response to the crisis may be greater state activity.”

He stressed, inter alia, that the current system of financing the health care system has reached its limits and therefore 7 percent of Poland’s GDP of it should be allocated to its development. This, in turn, requires a change in the health care financing model, and therefore also changes in the tax system.

The PM recalled that Poland was the only country in which part of the health insurance contribution was tax deductible, and although the Polish tax system is nominally progressive, it has de facto become regressive, and people with lower incomes pay proportionally higher taxes than people with higher incomes.

Mr Morawiecki emphasised that the New Polish Deal stems from the spirit of broadly understood solidarity and is to reduce income inequalities and support the least earners, therefore the tax-free amount is to be PLN 30,000 (EUR 6,630)

He also noticed that the programme is also about intergenerational solidarity, on the one hand, material support for seniors in the form of a tax-free pension, and on the other, the ability to take care of future generations so that they can earn better, work in better conditions and live in an environment where one can breathe fresh air.

The Prime Minister’s article was also published in the monthly opinion “Everything Most Important” (“Wszystko co Najważniejsze”) as part of the global media project “Telling the World About Poland. The Decade of Central Europe” run by the Institute of New Media, the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the Foreign Ministry and the Polish Press Agency.

The project is a recurring campaign appearing in the world’s leading newspapers and weeklies, and on the web, in which leading Polish and non-Polish authors, historians, scholars and politicians write about Poland and its affairs.

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