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Czech residents of terrains near Turów mine want to partake in negotiations

Uhelna’s Neighborhood Union, which associates residents of Czech towns in the vicinity of the Turów lignite mine, appealed to the European Commission on Thursday to participate in negotiations with Poland. The non-transparency of the talks was criticised and they expressed concern at their slow pace.

Uhelna is the town closest to the Turów opencast mine. In the opinion of the citizens, their involvement in the negotiations will ensure that the agreement between Poland and the Czech Republic will guarantee the compliance of the EU law and that it will protect Czech land from threats to the environment and human health.

The union representatives recalled that during the start of the Polish-Czech talks on June 17 in Prague, the Polish side argued that the dispute could be resolved outside of European institutions. According to the authors of the letter, it is impossible to reach an agreement without the direct participation of the European Commission. They stressed that the parties provided little information about the negotiations and did not present measures to protect the vicinity of the mine.

The Polish-Czech negotiations regarding the lignite mine in Turów are expected to lead to the creation of an intergovernmental agreement that will set out the conditions under which the Czech Republic will withdraw its complaint to the Court of Justice of the European Union, which it filed in February. In their opinion, the expansion of the mine threatens, among other things, the access to water in the Liberec region.

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