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Poland on upwards economic growth: national bank CEO

According to economists retail sails and industrial production indicate that the Polish economy is recovering from the COVID-19 crisis. The currently ending quarter will be compared to the same period from last year when many industries were closed therefore the rebound could even be double digit.

Adam Glapiński, the Chairman of the Polish National Bank, said that the growth “will probably be even more than 10 pct this year,” while in 2022” it will definitely be around 5 pct growth as long as nothing unexpected happens.”

The economic growth over the coming years is to be stimulated by the Polish New Deal government programme. The key bills include an increase in the tax free amount, they are to be voted in the lower house right after the summer holidays. Whether or not the programme enters into force will depend on the support in the lower house of parliament.

“If we implement the Polish New Deal, then in a decade we will make up the economic disparity that separates us from the wealthiest countries of our continent; we will complete this historic challenge, if we only act in harmony, if we remain united,” the chairman of the Law and Justice party Jarosław Kaczyński said.

Within the next 3 years investments related to the Polish New Deal could surpasse EUR 22 bn.

Poland has moved up from the 23rd to the 15th place in the UN sustainable development ranking, placing itself ahead of Switzerland, Japan, Great Britain and Canada.

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