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Over 5.2 million EU COVID-19 certificates downloaded in Poland

“A total of 5.2 million EU COVID Certificates have already been downloaded, including over 4.9 million confirming full vaccination,” the Health Ministry spokesman Wojciech Andrusiewicz said on Monday.

The EU COVID Certificate can be obtained by people who have been fully vaccinated, with a two-dose or single-dose vaccine. It is valid from the 14th day to 365 days after receiving the last dose. The certificate is also issued to people who have received a negative SARS-CoV-2 virus detection test. In this case, such a certificate is valid for 48 hours. People who recovered from COVID-19 can also download the certificate, which in their case will be valid from the 11th day to 180 days after receiving a positive PCR test result.

“Over 200.000 certificates were downloaded by convalescents to document the recovery. Certificates with a negative test result were downloaded less than 30.000 times,” the spokesman concluded.

The EU COVID Certificate application can be found on the Online Patient Account (IKP), the “mojeIKP” application, through the “mObywat” application, or can be issued on a paper printout at a medical facility performing vaccination or ordering the test.

The regulation on EU COVID Certificates will be applied in the European Union from 1 July. Poland is among the Member States that have passed technical tests and are already using the system on a voluntary basis.

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