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Oil tycoon to conduct first tests of industrial 5G network in Poland

The Polish oil giant PKN Orlen will be the first company in the country to test a private 5G network in an advanced industrial infrastructure environment. The tests will take place at the tycoon’s main plant in Płock, central Poland.

As PKN Orlen announced on Monday, the tests will last until February 2022, with the project partners “being renowned technology companies that will provide technologically advanced 5G network infrastructure and devices cooperating with it”.

“We are a modern multi-energy concern that responds to global trends and constantly implements innovative technologies. We see the benefits of using a private industrial 5G network. It will allow us to even better use the digitisation potential of our production processes, thanks to which the work of the plant in Płock will be more efficient and adapted to the changing environment,” stated the CEO of PKN Orlen, Daniel Obajtek.

PKN Orlen pointed out that “5G technology will allow real-time use of a huge amount of data flowing from measuring devices, sensors and production machines.” Furthermore, the company highlighted that this modern technology “ensures the reliability of information transmission in critical applications in the field of control and monitoring of production processes.”

According to Orlen, a high bandwidth of the network in 5G technology will allow testing solutions in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics and dispatch communication. Among the 5G parameters to be tested in Płock are also functionality, performance, quality and IT security.

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