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Monument honouring murdered Home Army hero unveiled in Warsaw

On Thursday, a monument in homage to Jan Rodowicz nom de guerre “Anoda”, a Home Army officer brutally murdered in 1949 by the Polish Security Office (UB), was unveiled at the building of the Ministry of Justice in Aleje Ujazdowskie in Warsaw Centre.

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“After the war, this building became a place of execution of the Polish patriots who did not want to come to terms with the Soviet occupation and accept Poland, which was again denied freedom, democracy and sovereignty,” said Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro.

“When an institution called the Ministry of Public Security was located in this building – associated with the worst repressions, cruelty, ruthlessness, torture – the bravest of the brave, including Lieutenant Jan Rodowicz, were kept in its basements,” he added.

The minister also pointed out that the communist authorities counted on the fact that people like “Anoda” would not be remembered by the next generations of Poles.

“But they were wrong.The memory of their heroism, noble deeds and courage won,” Mr Ziobro said, adding that after WWII in Poland – unlike in Western countries – the “Anoda” generation could not – due to the persecution of the communist authorities – rebuild the country.

“And today, let this truth speak to the next generations of Poles through this monument, which we owe to him and his generation,” the minister concluded.

The ceremony for the unveiling of the statue of Jan Rodowicz was also attended by other representatives of the Ministry of Justice, state authorities, the Institute of National Remembrance, veterans and relatives of the war-time hero.

Jan Rodowicz “Anoda” was an officer of the Home Army, a participant in the action at the Arsenal, a soldier of the “Zośka” Battalion and a Warsaw insurgent who remains a legend of the Gray Ranks scout association to this day. The monument depicting him is located in the courtyard of the Ministry of Justice, where in the years 1945-54, in the then Ministry of Public Security, activists of the independence underground, including “Anoda”, who died there on January 7, 1949 after a brutal investigation by the UB, were imprisoned.

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