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Baltic Pipe pipeline topic raised at NATO summit

Polish president talked during the NATO Summit with Prime Ministers from Canada, Denmark, Norway, North Macedonia, the UK, as well as with the French President Emanuel Macron. The main topics of conversation were economic, military and energy cooperation, issues related to the construction of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline and the Ukraine issue. The Polish president also spoke with the US head of the state.

Polish, American presidents discuss military, economic issues

The conversation between the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, and the US President, Joe Biden, took place at the invitation of…

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“I had a series of more and less formal bilateral discussions,” President Duda said at a press conference following the NATO summit. “For me, an important issue is also the problem of our Baltic Pipe gas pipeline, which we are building. I talked about it with the Prime Minister of Denmark, and the Prime Minister of Norway. (…) I asked them for political support on this matter. I told them that we really care about this investment and would like it to be implemented quickly,” he added.

“There were a lot of discussions today, of course mainly on military security issues, a whole number of them. I am very pleased with the course of this summit. I am very pleased with all the meetings that took place today,” emphasised the president.

The president also pointed out that discussions related to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic were conducted and what it looks like in individual countries.

“The plenary sessions themselves also lasted quite a long time. Probably there was not a single leader who, while using the time allocated for him, did not extend his speech by at least two or three minutes, and sometimes that and longer, and each of them had theoretically three minutes to speak,” the head of the Polish state said. “It was an important and anticipated summit,” President Duda concluded.

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