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Tourists returning after long weekend stuck in traffic jams

People returning from the long weekend can expect traffic jams on Polish motorways. The drive from Zakopane mountain resort to Kraków (111 km) could take up to 5 hours under current conditions.

A 9 km long traffic jam amassed on the A6 motorway near Szczecin (western Poland). Queues also formed in front of the exit gates of the A1 motorway in Nowa Wieś (northern Poland) towards Łódź (central Poland).

Traffic jams on the A1 are the result of increased tourist trips and the need to stop at the toll collection point. They are formed in front of the entry gates, usually at the beginning and end of long weekends and holidays when travelers go to the seaside.

Due to the increase in road traffic on the A4 motorway, traffic jams in both directions were created in front of the Toll Collection Point in Karwiany near Wrocław (south-west Poland). The traffic jam is over 6 km towards Zgorzelec, and over 2 km towards Katowice.

“The long weekend in June is ending. The police are making every effort to ensure that the roads are safe, we are watching over your safety all the time. Take your foot off the gas, arrive at your destination safely. Let’s follow the road regulations and don’t drink alcohol before driving,” the police stated via Twitter.

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