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As loosening of restrictions continues amusement parks reopen

“As the number of cases is falling, we managed to reopen another industry – today we are opening amusement parks,” Olga Semeniuk, Deputy Minister of Development, Labor and Technology (MRPiT) said during the reopening of the biggest amusement park in Poland.

According to the deputy minister the scale of individual industries being reopened in the last two weeks, as well as the demand and interest in their services, give hope that “the worst financial economic time will be behind us in a few months”.

Ms Semeniuk recalled that the amusement park industry was eligible to use all forms of support prepared by the government (PFR financial shields and industry shields), during the lockdown period. She pointed out that during the pandemic, entrepreneurs received a total of over PLN 240 billion (EUR 52,7 billion) of various types of aid.

Energylandia representatives assure that special sanitary rules and measures have been introduced in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. Krystian Kojder, the facility’s spokesman, said that the park had been preparing for a restart in the new sanitary regime for a long time.

Due to the current regulations, Energylandia is obliged to maintain a maximum of 50 percent capacity. According to the representatives of the park. Among the solutions introduced to reduce the risk of infection are hand disinfection stations located throughout the facility, and a newly established disinfection team, whose task is to continuously disinfect the most frequently touched surfaces, in particular handles, handrails, door handles and seats.

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