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Further lifting of Covid restrictions due soon

Radek Pietruszka/PAP

The lifting of more lockdown restrictions will probably take place in the next few weeks, Poland’s health minister said in an interview with the Wirtualna Polska portal on Friday.

Poland’s infection rates have crashed in recent weeks, falling from over 30,000 at the beginning of April to under 2,000 on May 21.

“Most likely, at the turn of May and June, we will announce the next steps in terms of easing safety restrictions,” said Adam Niezielski. “As of today, I see no obstacles stopping the introduction of other changes, for example, loosening the sanitary regime on many places and restoring activities. Many people suggest accelerating, but in this regard we prefer to remain cautious.”

He added that if the epidemic situation does not worsen, then after June 5, activities, wherever they are still limited, will be restored.

“There is only one direction, as long as there are no bad signs regarding infections, the next steps on easing (restrictions – PAP) are getting closer,” he said.

However, Niedzielski emphasised the continued need to wear masks inside common spaces, and all places where social distancing cannot be observed.

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