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War veterans on a mission to help others

Polish military veterans are kayaking the whole Vistula river to encourage donations for Arek, a four-year-old son of one of their colleagues in need of intensive rehabilitation.

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“The boy is the son of a Lebanese and Iraqi veteran,” Grzegorz Wydrowski, the head of the “Sprzymierzeni z GROM” foundation said. “The aim is to publicise, to encourage donation, but also to point out that veterans also need help,” he added.

“The boy does not walk alone, he wears diapers, cannot eat himself, says single words,” Joanna Urbańska, mother of the boy said.

The veterans still have a long way to go and reach the main goal. “We hoped to reach PLN 5,000 (EUR 1,104) in Warsaw,” Capt. Paweł Pruszkowski said.

In previous years, veterans sailed to support two soldiers in need. Their action helped the paralysed “Tasior” to get back on his feet.

Support for Arek can be donated via Facebook fundraiser at this address.

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