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Most Poles prefer the Pfizer vaccine: Poll

If Poles were allowed to choose their COVID-19 vaccine, 41.7 pct would opt for the Pfizer vaccine, while only 4.8 pct would select AstraZeneca, a survey by the SW Research pollster has shown.

25 pct of the respondents said they were not planning to inoculate themselves against the coronavirus. 9 pct preferred the Moderna vaccine and 8.7 pct the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Nearly 11 pct said they didn’t mind which vaccine they received.

The Pfizer vaccine was more frequently chosen by women (46 pct) than men (36 pct), and predominantly by people over the age of 50.

The Moderna vaccine was most frequently indicated by high-bracket earners (15 pct). Most low-bracket earners chose the AstraZeneca vaccine (9 pct).

SW Research ran the survey on May 11-12 on a random sample of 800 internet users above the age of 18.

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