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Polish services uncover ICT structure used for anonymous cyber attacks

Two people are suspected of creating a special ICT structure used for anonymous cyber attacks, among others, on GSM network operators, as well as state institutions in Poland. The findings of the Polish services show that it allowed foreign secret services to carry out disinformation activities in the country.

As reported by, the Internal Security Agency (ABW) arrested two people a few weeks ago, suspected of creating an appropriate ICT structure allowing for breaking into the GSM network and performing anonymous calls and activities on the Internet such as mass text messages or emails, often used during cyber attacks. The elements of the system were located in several provinces to make it difficult to trace.

During the detention of the creators of the infrastructure, ABW officers searched 20 locations throughout the country. Considerable amounts of the above-mentioned equipment as well as computers and data carriers were secured.

It is known that the suspects managed the system themselves, supervised its proper functioning and “cooperated with people who provided them with technical and logistic support, including purchase, sale, registration of wholesale quantities of SIM cards for fictitious data.”

It is suspected that these people created a secret infrastructure on behalf of someone else. The system was known to be used by foreign secret services, most likely the agents impersonated “ordinary” hackers or shady businessmen.

Investigators officially admitted that the cybersecurity of the country was threatened by the system created by the detained persons.

As for the nationality of foreign services conducting the operation, the interviewees of pointed out that the tracks lead to the East – most likely to Russia or Belarus.

Russian agents regularly carry out various disinformation activities directed against Poland. The Belarusian services, in turn, have been a target of great interest to Polish investigators for some time and are known to use modern systems for secure communication with the headquarters.

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