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Former Belarusian regime prisoner shares his testimony

A man who was arrested for taking part in the anti-regime protests in Belarus reported his stay in custody in Minsk for the independent Belarusian television channel Belsat TV.

“You have no rights here. If you’re gonna pi** us off, there is a punishment waiting for you,” the wardens were alleged to have said.

According to the testimony, there were 18 people amassed in a four man cell. People had to sleep on the floor, but most of the time they stood because there was no room. While some lay, others stood so others could sleep.

There were no mattresses or pillows. The prisoners were virtually deprived of sleep. All day and night the lights were kept on. During the night every one and a half to two hours they had to report their first and last names. A bucket of water with chlorine was poured out in the cell every day. Belsat’s interlocutor says that the prisoners were refused medical treatment.

Among the tormentors was a major who reacted aggressively to anyone who dared to look up. In the detention centre, those arrested were threatened, being told that if they went to the media following their release to talk about the conditions, they would end up in their hands.

During their detention, the wardens later tried to ‘recruit’ the detainees, promising them payment for getting to know the protesters and subsequently providing information about them.

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