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EU admits outside partners into its project on military mobility

There is consent of the European Union for the participation of the United States, Canada and Norway in a joint defence project. The decision was made by the defence ministers of EU countries at a meeting in Brussels, accepting the requests of three countries from outside the Union.

The United States, Canada and Norway are the first non-EU countries to be invited to European defence cooperation. These countries will participate in the military mobility project alongside 24 EU countries, including Poland. The project coordinator is the Netherlands.

The aim of the project is to improve the mobility of troops and equipment across Europe. It will standardise and simplify procedures that allow for the transfer of troops, but it also included the construction of necessary infrastructures like roads, bridges or railroads.

All this is crucial for the security of NATO’s eastern flank countries, including Poland, which was one of the proponents of admitting countries outside the EU to European defence cooperation, mainly the United States due to ongoing transatlantic cooperation as well as the United Kingdom.

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