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False image of Poland in “La Repubblica”: Polish Ambassador to Italy

The Italian daily “La Repubblica” presented a one-sided, negatively biased narrative of Poland in its article, wrote Polish Ambassador to Italy, Anna Maria Anders, in a letter to the newspaper.

The Ambassador referred to La Repubblica’s reportage titled “Black heart of Poland”, published on April 18th, which presents a one-sided view on issues related to LGBT, abortion, media, and the judiciary.

“La Repubblica” claims that “a systemic discrimination of women” occurs in Poland. The headline says: “It is a different Europe ‒ sovereignist and obscurantist.”

In reply, Ambassador Anders refuted the slanderous claims: “The picture of my country presented in the article is one-sided and is nearly a monoculture of negative information.”

Poland is more than that, and many Italians living in Poland know that ‒ 8 thousand according to the official records, and 20 thousand according to unofficial data, added Ms Anders.

“Moreover, workers migrating from other EU countries to Poland, students on Erasmus exchange, and legal migrants from third countries, coming to Poland because of the low unemployment rate, can also express positive opinions about Poland,” wrote the Ambassador in her letter.

She noted that in 2014, Poland issued the largest number of short- and long-term residence permits to immigrants arriving from third countries to work and study in Poland.

Anna Maria Anders also quoted Eurostat data indicating that in 2019, Poland accepted 724 thousand legal migrants, which is more than Germany and Italy combined.

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