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UFC champion trains Polish soldiers

A professional soldier must be great at shooting, but hand-to-hand combat skills might be also useful. And it is easiest to learn it from the best. On Friday, the training in the 1st Warsaw Armored Brigade was conducted by Jan Błachowicz, UFC light heavyweight champion.

The “Prince of Cieszyn” showed the soldiers which fighting techniques are most useful in close contact with the enemy.

We learn from social media that there was no indulgence, and the soldiers got a strong lesson from Błachowicz. “As a thank you, we introduced the Legendary Polish Force to the secrets of armored craft,” we read in the brigade’s Facebook post.

This is not the first time that Błachowicz exercised with the soldiers. A UFC fighter took part in the “Warrior Project”, an action by the Ministry of National Defense aimed at integrating the veteran community. Błachowicz led, among others, one of the trainings at the tactical air base in Łask.

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