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Scandalous article of the New Yorker commented on by Polish journalists

“We were shamefully accused of something that did not happen. This is the effect of the historical policy of the West, where there are no Germans but there are Nazis,” said journalist Sławomir Jastrzębowski about the publication of the American weekly, in which, Poles were accused of the murder of 3 million Jews.

“This didn’t happen due to the lack of history knowledge by Americans. This is done on purpose. The aim is to humiliate Poland so that various organisations can extort money from Poland. It is about Art. 447 and heirless property. Poland would pay for German crimes to certain Jewish organisations,” continued Mr Jasrzębowski.

One of the subtitles of the New Yorker said “To acquit the nation of the murders of three million Jews, the Polish government will go so far as to accuse scientists of defamation”. Publicist Wojciech Rzeczyński said that “The New Yorker text is firstly a big accusation of Poles murdering Jews. Secondly an accusation that Poland wants to silence independent historians. Of course, it is about Engelking and Grabowski and their book, which lacks basic requirements for historical work”.

“I am shocked that professors like Mr Grabowski and Mrs Engelking are talking such nonsense. They picked a third person from a well-known newspaper, and that was the only reason why it made a lot of noise,” added another journalist Andrzej Rafał Potocki.

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