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Research on amantadine as COVID-19 medicine started in Poland

Clinical trials have commenced on amantadine as a COVID-19 drug. After its administration, patients experienced the disease mildly or asymptomatically.

It supports the nervous system in order to give a better respiratory response, said Prof. Konrad Rejdak, head of the department and clinic of neurology at the Independent Public Clinical Hospital No. 4 of the Medical University of Lublin. He was the first in the world to describe the positive effects of using amantadine while suffering from COVID-19.

As emphasized by Professor Rejdak, “there was no deterioration at all, the disease was asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic”.

The drug will be given to two hundred coronavirus patients who agree to participate in the research. The basic condition for inclusion in the study is a confirmed infection no later than three days after the coronavirus was detected. The research will end in a year.

Doctors emphasise that they remain cautious in their declarations. “It will not be a miracle drug, we must realise that it is one of many drugs that we may want to use, but only a clinical trial can confirm it,” declared the Professor.

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