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CEE to become driving force for post-pandemic EU economic recovery: president

Thanks to its economic success achieved in recent years, Central-Eastern Europe will become a driving force for the economic reconstruction of the EU, said President Andrzej Duda in his address to foreign diplomats accredited in Poland.

The president announced that during the second term of office he would like to focus, among other issues, on “building a strong region of the Three Seas Initiative within the European Union.”

“The economic recovery after the pandemic will commence through investments from European, public and private funds,” President Duda said. This, according to him, correlates with the priorities of the Three Seas Initiative, as well as its achievements so far, such as the creation of the Investment Fund of the Three Seas Initiative.

“If we succeed, and I firmly believe that it will happen, the success of the Three Seas will radiate to both the West and the East of our region. We have a historic opportunity to stimulate the further development of the Union of free nations and equal states, recognising and respecting their value,” said the president.

President Duda also expressed hope that the today’s outer border of the Three Seas “would not remain forever the outer border of the world of Western values and institutions.”

“That is why Poland consistently supports the open doors policy for the Eastern Partnership countries and the Western Balkans. That is why we call for respect for human rights and dialogue with Belarusian society. Therefore, we also remain an advocate of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and Georgia,” the president stated.

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