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COVID-19: No tolerance for protestors against security measures: Health Min

Health Minister Adam Niedzielski went on to stress on Saturday that it was “with our responsibility alone” that the third wave could be reigned in, adding that a “zero tolerance” policy would be used to deal with people protesting against sanitary security measures.

“It is our responsibility alone that will allow us to reign in the third wave. The tools to save ourselves from the darkest of scenarios lie within our hands,” the official said on Saturday during a press conference at the Lower House.

Mr Niedzielski also said that the additional restrictions implemented in the Warmińsko-Mazurskie province two weeks ago helped decelerate the growth of new infections.

“In view of the very high level of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants, it is good news showing that the restrictions work as two weeks into their introduction… The regulations are meaningful and rational,” the official stressed.

He reiterated that vaccination, restrictions and fundamental rules of security, that is, social distancing, sanitisation and facemasks, had the purpose of preventing the darkest of scenarios.

“At the sitting of the Governmental Crisis Management Team we talked about effectuating the zero-tolerance policy against those protesting against security measures,” Mr Niedzielski said, adding that the discussion also tackled “those who do not wear facemasks or wear them in a wrong way, for instance, not covering their noses. The moment has come due to the soaring number of infections for the police and sanitary authorities to be strict.”

The capital police announced shortly after noon that the March for Freedom, which was supposed to move through Warsaw’s streets, had been disbanded. Several hundred demonstrators were set to demand their basic rights including the right to free movement. Some of them were ID’d.

Some of the protestors carried “Fake pandemic”, “Stop sanitary segregation” and “AstraZeneca Vax – Dangerous”. Polish national flags with crossed-out “COVID-19” legends and “game over” phrases on them were flown and spotted.

Minister Niedzielski called the demonstrations “a scandalous situation,” adding that “this demonstration was thoroughly illegal because it violated the restriction on assemblies that allows for maximum five-person-strong gatherings.” He also recalled that the demonstration was “rendered illegal following the police intervention.”

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