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COVID-19: Poland introduces nationwide restrictions amid infection spike

The restrictions that have been in force at a regional level so far will embrace the whole country as of Saturday, March 20, amid the spiking daily COVID-19 infection rate. Among them are fully remote teaching, limited operation of shopping malls, closed cinemas, museums and art galleries, as well as sport facilities for amateur activity.

On Wednesday, the Polish Health Ministry announced 25,052 new confirmed COVID-19 infections, which is a record-high this year. The Health Minister Adam Niedzielski told a press conference that the adopted solutions would be binding until at least April 9.

The minister said that after Easter, further decisions regarding schools will be made, “most likely to return to hybrid education in grades 1-3”.

“We are all stunned when it comes to the number of new daily COVID-19 infections, that it has exceeded the 25,000 threshold, and, most importantly, that the dynamics of the disease has been accelerating in recent days, said Minister Niedzielski.

The Health Minister pointed out that Poland was at the level of “nearly a 3,000 increase in the occupancy of beds”.

“This is why, in agreement with the minister of internal affairs and administration, we ordered provinces to accelerate the transformation of beds from normal infrastructure to covid infrastructure. Our plans are that in the coming week there will be decisions regarding over 8,000 extra beds,” declared the Minister.

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