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Polish WWII destroyer ‘Błyskawica’ gets a new lick of paint

The distinguished Polish WWII destroyer “Błyskawica” is missing from her port in Gdynia as she has to undergo long-overdue repairs.

The vessel served with distinction in some of the greatest operations of the 20th century, such as the evacuation from Dunkirk and the Normandy landings. The famous warship now serves as a major tourist attraction and is visited by 150,000 guests every year.

The repairs are expected to take no longer than 3 months. What makes the job particularly demanding is the sheer age of “Błyskawica” and the fact that one is dealing with living history. That is why the 150 workers involved in the delicate operation are being very careful.

When she entered service in 1937, the ORP “Błyskawica” was a true state of the art war vessel. Later she took part in some of the most pivotal operations of WWII. In the history of the Polish navy, no other warship has been awarded the gold cross of the Virtuti Militari Order.

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