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Polish, US officials discuss Polish nuclear energy programme

On Monday the government’s plenipotentiary for strategic energy infrastructure, Piotr Naimski, met with the CEO of Westinghouse, Patrick Fragman in Warsaw to discuss a proposal for the construction of nuclear units as foreseen in the agreement with the US.

Westinghouse is in charge of the technical part of this offer and has 12 months to present an official proposal.

Mr Naimski said that the second part of the offer will concern a proposal for the financing structure of the Polish nuclear project, including the construction of six nuclear reactors in Poland.

The work on the offer, carried out by Westinghouse, is financed by the American government agency TDA.

The intergovernmental agreement with the US on “cooperation to develop a programme of nuclear energy used for civil purposes and the civil nuclear industry in Poland” entered into force in February 2021.

The Polish Energy Policy until 2040 adopted by the government assumes that in 2033 the first block of a nuclear power plant with a capacity of approximately 1-1.6 GW will be put into operation. Subsequent blocks will be implemented every 2-3 years, and the entire nuclear programme provides for the construction of 6 units with a capacity of up to 9 GW.

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