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Majority of Polish medium and large companies focus on digitisation: study

Study conducted by the Humanities Institute published on Tuesday, carried out in cooperation with Polish Development Fund (PFR) and IT giant Microsoft showed that 78 percent medium and large companies in Poland focus on digitisation, which has significantly accelerated as a result of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic.

Digitisation is post-pandemic New Order’s pillar: PM

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The digital transformation is most advanced in large companies employing over 250 people, including state-owned companies. In this segment, nearly 60 percent declare that they use new technologies on a daily basis or are at an advanced stage of their implementation. For comparison, among medium-sized companies the declarations come down to 46 percent.

The study also showed that 58 percent of Poles believe that private data is used to influence their decisions. 63 percent estimate that new technologies may have a negative impact on people’s physical and mental health. 56 percent of respondents say that the use of new technologies is an opportunity for humanity.

Paweł Borys the head of PFR, commenting on the results of the study said that “the implementation of new technologies and the use of cloud computing is no longer just a development lever, but a condition for the survival of companies and maintaining competitiveness.”

The study shows that cloud services are an important element of digital transformation for companies. Deputy Head of the State Cloud Operator, Dariusz Śliwowski, assessed that the cloud is not only an IT tool, but a new way of looking at business opportunities. As he pointed out, the task of the IT sector is to show the benefits of using cloud computing to people from other business segments. “Let’s do it in the language of strategic and business benefits,” he encouraged.

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