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COVID-19: Gov’t announces March vaccination schedule

Michał Dworczyk, the head of the PM’s office and the plenipotentiary for the vaccination programme presented the latest schedule of inoculations against COVID-19 for the coming days at a press conference on Thursday.

From Monday, March 8, the second dose of AstraZeneca vaccines will be given 12 weeks after the first injection, while those produced by Pfizer-BioNTech will be given 42 days after the first.

The government plenipotentiary for vaccination said that some 3.6 mln vaccinations against COVID-19 have been carried out in Poland so far, of which 2,338,000 have received their first jabs and 1,281,000 have received two doses.

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Groups division

According to Mr Dworczyk, over 90 percent of teachers are to receive their jabs by March 7. The government plans to vaccinate the whole group before March 14.

The head of the PM’s chancellery also announced that additional “group zero” vaccinations will begin next Monday, March 8.

“We would like all people who are in group zero and who have not yet received their dose to be vaccinated by March 21,” Mr Dworczyk said, adding that these individuals will receive the AstraZeneca vaccine.

He announced that the registration of group 1B, that is, chronically ill patients, will begin on March 10, and vaccinations for this group will begin on March 15. Seven days later, vaccinations of patients born in 1952 are to start, while people born after that year will be vaccinated at a later date.

The next group, 1C, will start receiving their doses of vaccine on March 29. “These are people who, through their work, come into contact with ill people on a daily basis or who may have potential contact with them,” Mr Dworczyk said.

Vaccines for the recovered ones

“People who have recovered from COVID-19 will be vaccinated not earlier than 6 months after the infection, with one dose of the vaccine,” the official added. He added that it was a recommendation of the Medical Council.

During the press conference, Mr Dworczyk announced that there were over one million people who have fought off the coronavirus registered in the system in Poland. According to the Health Ministry data from Thursday morning, the exact number was 1,448,619.

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