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First Polish city joins EC’s Green City Accord

The coastal city of Gdynia has become the first Polish member of the Green City Accord, an environmental initiative launched by the European Commission (EC).

The initiative was launched in October 2020 as a movement of European mayors committed to making cities cleaner and healthier. Its goal is to accelerate the implementation of relevant EU environmental laws at the local level. Twenty-four cities have already become members.

“It is an agenda that covers five important areas: air quality, water quality and efficiency, noise reduction, promoting biodiversity in cities and promoting the circular economy,” Gdynia Mayor Wojciech Szczurek said in a statement published on the city’s website.

Mr Szczurek added that cities associated in the project have pledged to undertake environmental challenges in all five areas over the next ten years.

“On the one hand, it is an opportunity to compare our experiences with Europe’s best local governments… and on the other hand it is motivation for Gdynia to become an even greener and friendlier city with a clean environment,” the mayor said.

Membership in the initiative offers financial opportunities for green investments and access to technical knowledge.

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