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Tune in Poland IN to watch documentary about illustrious oppositionist

30 years ago, Teodor “Teoś” Klincewicz, an oppositionist printer in the communist Polish People’s Republic (PRL) and the co-founder of the Independent Students’ Association (NZS), died at the age of 36. In honour of his memory, PolandIN will broadcast the documentary “Teoś”, telling the story of that illustrious hero.

The film will be available on the PolandIN website and its YouTube channel at 6:35 PM and at 3:35 AM local time.

From 1976, Klincewicz was a collaborator of the Workers ‘Defence Committee (KOR), then the Social Self-Defence Committee “KOR” and a member of the Students’ Solidarity Committee, established after the murder of Stanisław Pyjas by communist Poland’s secret services on May 7, 1977.

He was a co-founder and one of the leaders of the Independent Students’ Association. During the martial law, in the years 1982-89 he was the head of the “Solidary” Resistance Group, dealing with leaflet campaigns and demonstrations, painting anti-communist slogans, broadcasting underground radio stations, distributing publications and newspapers.

He died on March 1, 1991 in a hospital in Mława (central Poland), of injuries sustained in a car accident.

On February 20, 2017, President Andrzej Duda posthumously awarded Teodor Klincewicz with the Cross of Freedom and Solidarity for his contribution to the independence and sovereignty of Poland and respect for human rights in the communist-era country.

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