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COVID-19: 107-year-old Warsaw Uprising veteran gets vaccinated

Warsaw Uprising veteran Colonel Kazimierz Klimczak, born on February 19, 1914, has been vaccinated for COVID-19 thus fending off yet another but much different foe.

Remembering illustrious historical figures, the founding fathers of Poland’s independence regained in 1918, such as Marshall Józef Piłsudsk and Ignacy Paderewski, Col. Klimczak is a living trove of knowledge and a shining example of the courageous generation that decided to stand tall against the German oppressors, taking up arms against the occupier in the 1944 Warsaw Uprising.

Given the abundance of dreadful events, daunting challenges and a great many responsibilities he took on his shoulders, the vaccination is not a really big deal for him. “Why would I be afraid of this when I had 160 men and boys under my command during the [Warsaw] Uprising?” he asked rhetorically, adding that ”my soldiers gave their lives so that you can live.”

First the Nazi Germans, now the veteran has seen of another deadly enemy.

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