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Indomitable Soldiers celebrated with music, exhibition on Monday

With music shows, exhibitions and debates, this is how the National Remembrance Day of the Indomitable Soldiers will be celebrated, the Culture and National Heritage Ministry announced, adding that the events would be carried out both online and offline respecting sanitary restrictions.

“On Monday, March 1, we will have the opportunity to participate for the 11th time in the country-wide events commemorating the heroism and fate of the Soldiers of the Polish Independence Underground. This year, due to the pandemic conditions, the events… will be taking place offline respecting the sanitary restrictions or online. Institutions managed, co-managed and supervised by the Culture, National Heritage and Sports ministry have prepared a range of events, namely concerts, exhibitions and debates,” the ministry reported on Friday.

The ministry recalled that the Lower House fulfilled late President Lech Kaczyński’s vision by establishing the National Remembrance Day of the Indomitable Soldiers 10 years ago.

“This is how the sacrifice, courage and dedication to the Homeland of the heroes of the anti-communist underground saw a decent commemoration both in the symbolic, state and societal dimensions,” the ministry stressed.

Among the events is an exhibition of memorabilia belonging to a paramedic of the 5th Wilno Brigade of the Home Army (AK) Janina “Jachna” Wisłojć-Smoleńska showcased by the Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk. While the exhibition is available from Friday on, the museum will organise a guerrilla song concert on Saturday.

Warsaw’s Modern Documents Archive (AAN) will launch an online exhibition entitled “Letters of the Indomitable Soldiers’ Children”, the Pilecki Institute will host a debate dedicated to the soldiers of the Independence Underground as part of the “Ad vocem” series. The Stanisław Hadyna Song and Dance Ensemble “Śląsk” will perform as well.

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