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Polish companies open to digital changes: report

Every seventh company has already gone through a digital transformation which they identify mainly with the introduction of remote work, “Puls Biznesu” reported on Friday.

Digitisation is post-pandemic New Order’s pillar: PM

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Although 73 percent of Polish industrial companies have felt the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, 55 percent expect financial results comparable to the previous year.

According to “Puls Biznesu”, the same percentage of companies claim that COVID-19 will affect their sector in 2021. “Therefore, 42 percent of entrepreneurs want to increase business efficiency and innovation in new products and services, among other things”

“Puls Biznesu” also wrote that almost three out of four surveyed companies are familiar with the concept of “digital transformation”. “They primarily understand it as automation and integration of production processes (80 percent), digital tools supporting sales and marketing (77 percent) and remote services (71 percent).” Almost two-thirds declare that they have already started to implement individual solutions and 14 percent claim that they have already completed this process, identifying it mainly with the introduction of remote work.

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